Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes
A database with the names and biological information on the Austrian Holocaust victims as well as 4,600 photos of victims of the Vienna Gestapo with biographical data and information on the arrest. One can research according to various topics such as “Roma-Sinti” etc.

Gedenkbuch für Opfer des Nationalsozialismus an der Universität Wien 1938
A database of names of those lecturers who were dismissed and students who were expelled for racial or political reasons and who were stripped of their academic titles. This list is incomplete.

Memorial Book for Victims of National Socialism at the Hochschule für Welthandel 1938-1945
A database of lecturers and administrators that were “cleansed” from the University of World Trade between 1938 and 1945, and short biographical entries on students who were prevented by reason of race, politics, or world view to continue or finish their studies, to complete their exams, or to have their doctoral degree conferred onto to them.

A database dedicated to the issue of expropriation between 1938 and 1945 as well as restitution and compensation after 1945.

Yad Vashem
The central database of Shoah victims’ names and biographical details. This site also has an extensive photo archive.

An e-mail network for Holocaust survivors and their children and grandchildren.

Arolsen Archives
In the Online Archive of the Arolsen Archives, names of NS victims can be researched. Currently (2019), 13 million documents on Holocaust victims and concentration camp prisoners, on foreign forced laborers and displaced persons can be searched, and the online archive is being continuously expanded.

Auschwitz Totenbuch
A database which lists prisoners including the Gypsy Camp Record Books which include their surname, first name, date of birth, place of birth, camp number, category and “remarks” that usually contain information about the death but sometimes about transfers. There is also online the “Sterbebücher” (Death Books) which records the death of the 69,000 prisoners who died between July 29,1941 and December 31,1943.

Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center
This site has a database with a searchable list of the known Hungarian Holocaust victims. Names of unlisted victims can be submitted.

„Displaced Persons Camp Ebensee“
The Ebensee Contemporary History Museum has made a series of around 3,530 cards on the “Displaced Persons Camp Ebensee” available on its website for an “online search”. Former concentration camp inmates, slave laborers, prisoners of war and displaced families with children (95 percent of them Polish) were registered on these index cards by the US military government and the Polish camp self-administration.

Exiled - Erinnerungen burgenländischer Juden
A database of Jewish victims who lived in Burgenland before the Holocaust.

Gedenkbuch: Opfer der Verfolgung der Juden unter der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft in Deutschland 1933-1945
This site includes the names and fates of German Jews who perished during the Holocaust. This site also provides an introduction to the history of Jewish deportations from Germany, a chronology of deportations from Belgium, the Netherlands and France as well as a selected bibliography of works on German Jewish history and literature.

Jews of Latvia: A project Name and Fates 1941-1945
A project to identify the names and fates of members of the Latvian Jewish community who perished during the Holocaust. This site includes a database of individual names-searchable by surname.

A a database of Jewish victims deported from the Bohemian territory and the prisoners of the Terezin ghetto from other European countries. The site also offers information about the “gypsy camps” (Zigeunerlager) of Lety and Hodonin and of the “gypsy camp” of Birkenau. There is also a search function for the digitized documents on this site.

Memorial Steinhof- the War against the “Inferior“. On the History of Nazi Medicine in Vienna
A list of names of the 789 Spiegelgrund victims with their dates of birth, commitment to the clinic and death. The surviving case histories and the original photographs are located in the provincial archives of Vienna.

Opferdatenbank- Namentiche Erfassung der NS Opfer des Burgenlandes
Burgenland has tried to collect data on all the victims of the NS regime (religious, euthanasia, sexual orientation etc.). This project is not yet available on the internet. One must write, phone or e-mail the Abteilung 7- the section for culture, science and archives.

Remember.org - a cybrary of the Holocaust
This site offers contributors a place to connect and share the best research resources on the Holocaust.

Repositories of Primary Sources
This is a list of 5000 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs and other primary sources for researchers.

Warsaw Ghetto Internet Database
This database can be searched for people, events and places in the Warsaw ghetto. An interactive plan of the ghetto enables users to view these places.

WebPages by Stephen P. Morse
A collection of databases including a list of prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp, those interned in the Lodz cemetery , an Ellis Island search , US census search etc. There is also important information including conversions from the Jewish calendar into the Gregorian calendar.

Zukunft braucht Erinnerung
A comprehensive , informative website on the theme of the Holocaust, Third Reich, Second World War and post-war Germany.