Information on data processing: Slovenian resettlement and compensation - Carinthia

Terms of reference

The file holding Slowenenaussiedlung und Wiedergutmachung (”Slovenian resettlement and compensation”) (abv.: SuW), was established by the Reparations Department of the Office of the Carinthian Provincial Government and in 1999 it was transferred from the Carinthian Provincial Government’s Central Registry to the Kärntner Langesarchiv (“Carinthian Provincial Archives “)[abr.: KLA]. According to the Provincial Archives the holding has been entirely preserved except for documents concerning the Municipality of Hainburg.
The file holding SuW constituted an important source of information in the course of General Settlement Fund’s research into seized properties and inventories, compensation payments as well as restitutions. Along with the Verzeichnis der Deutschen Ansiedlungsgesellschaft – Liegenschaften Kärntnen (“Directory of the German Settlement Society – properties Carinthia”) [hier: Link zur Bestandsbeschreibung SuW und DAG], which contains condensed information on properties, both sources constitute an essential foundation for processing the applications for compensation in connection with real estate.


Having been taken on by the KLA, the holding SuW was edited for data processing and given provided to the General Settlement Funds in 2010 in form of an excel list with over 289 entries. The following columns were part of the original searching tool: holding, signature of the holding, provenance, box number, signature, historical signature, title, “number from”, “number to”, “label”, “time from”, “time to”, as well as place. The columns “number to”, “time, from” and “time to” were without entries. Forename, surname, local (house) name and in many cases the historical file number were entered into the column “title”.

Processing the digitized data

The processing of the KLA’s list necessary for the requirements of the Findbuch for victims of National Socialism took place in the first half of 2011: Entries pertaining to several persons (legal or natural) were each split into single entries. As a result the total amount of 289 data entries was increased to 323 records. The information contained in the column “title” was divided into the data field last name (with the local (house) name in brackets) and forename, while the “historical signature” was transferred into the data field “remarks”. Legal persons (associations, clubs and parishes) were entered into the designated data field. The signature corresponds with the renewed processing of the holding carried out by the KLA. The formal processing standards developed by the working group were also applied. The data in the excel list was processed for the Findbuch in the first half of 2012.
The holding comprised 38 boxes in 2010, predominantly so-called Hofakten (“farm files”). A smaller part contained the so-called Sachakten (“administrative files”).
It is important to enter the following information when locating files from the holding SuW: The last name, adding both a possible local (house) name and signature, whereby the so-called “K-number” (the initial numbering of the files of the German Settlement Society for Slovene properties in Carinthia) should also be indicated if known.