Why do we need a copy of your ID?

The Findbuch contains sensitive personal data from Austrian archives. In keeping with the archives’ regulations for users, a copy of a state-issued photo-ID must be submitted when registering to use the Findbuch to confirm users’ identities. As the Findbuch is an online portal, it is possible to submit your ID using the secure upload function on the digital registration form. We are also happy to accept copies of an ID that have been edited for security reasons. When editing an ID, the experts at “Watchlist Internet” make the following recommendations:

  • Mark the ID clearly as a copy
    If you are submitting a copy of your ID to confirm your identity, the document should bear the word “Copy” in large letters printed diagonally across the ID. This can be done manually (and then scanned in or photographed again) or with the aid of a digital image-editing program.
  • State the intended use
    For added security, in addition to the word “Copy” it is recommended to add the intended use and the date to the image (e.g. “this ID copy is exclusively for use to register with the Findbuch, 12.02.2019”). Then the copy may only be used for this specific purpose.

You can read how to watermark the copy of your ID in this article by windows.

Last update on 14-5-2019 by Iris Petrinja.