Registration for institutions

For institutions which wish to use the Findbuch for official or academic purposes, the option of registering as an institution exists. This option enables the institution’s staff to use the Findbuch without having to submit their personal details. To register, the registration form for institutions must be completed and the Liability and Data Protection Statement signed by an authorized representative. This form and the necessary documentation can be returned to the National Fund for Victims of National Socialism of the Republic of Austria by post or electronically.

The email addresses for which access to the Findbuch is requested will be authorized once the documentation has been checked by the Findbuch team. The users will receive a notification that the email addresses have been authorized for login. In order to be able to log in to the Findbuch, the users must first request a new (personal) password. Users can then log in to the Findbuch using this password and the email address as username.

Last update on 14-5-2019 by Doris Altinger.