How do I order a file appearing in the detail view?

If the file is no longer subject to data protection, anyone is entitled to view a requested file for official, scientific and journalistic purposes as well as for justified personal reasons (see §9 of the Bundesarchivgesetz (“Federal Archive Act”), as well as the provincial-specific archive laws and regulations).
Responsibility for granting access authorization and producing the files for viewing lies exclusively with the archive holding the files.

To place an order, visit the archive’s website shown in the detail view. Surname, forename and possibly the date of birth of the searched person as well as the signature are necessary to placing an order. Contact information of the relevant archive can be looked up on the websites of the cooperating archives.

As a rule, the archival material is viewed in person on-site. Written requests should not exceed a reasonable effort. Please note that expenses may arise for the services rendered by the archives (e.g. issuing a library card as well as copying documents). Copying orders are strictly bound to the regulations of the respective archives.

Last update on 14-5-2019 by Doris Altinger.