The Findbuch makes it possible to search in 202117 records for persons and companies in the file holdings relating to National Socialist property seizure and restitution and compensation proceedings which are held at the Austrian State Archives and other cooperating archives. In addition it is also possible to carry out searches in 21774 pages digitized historical address directories and official handbooks on public offices and institutions.

The Findbuch

The great volume of numbers of letters, telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings with victims of National Socialism living scattered across the world and their descendants demonstrate the unabated interest, even today, in what became of family members and friends.

Co-operation partners

Austrian archives, libraries and publishers support the Findbuch for Victims of National Socialism. The following institutions have consented to the publication of the finding aids, digitized address directories and official handbooks on public offices and institutions which they have made available.

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The full text search can be used to search the entire contents of the Findbuch database for any character strings you choose to enter (names or parts thereof, addresses or parts thereof etc.). Alternatively, registered users can also use the advanced search, where it is possible to search specific categories of information for your entered character strings. Detailed information on these two search options can be found under search help.