The series "The Austrian Reparations Legislation"

Co-operation with the Parliamentary Library and Manz publishers enables publication of the eleven volumes series in the Findbuch.

The series Die österreichischen Wiedergutmachungsgesetze (“The Austrian Reparations Legislation”) was published by Manz between 1946 and 1954 and comprises eleven volumes focusing on the seven restitution and three restoration acts enacted from 1946 onward. In addition to the texts of the acts and ordinances, the government’s comments and explanatory remarks on the government bills for the parliament and the consultancy reports of the parliamentary committees are also included to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the political background to this legislation. The editors have also provided legal commentaries on the wording of the acts and ordinances.

The vast majority of Nazi property seizures were subject to the Third Restitution Act, and as a result four of the volumes focus on this act. In order to facilitate the interpretation of this complex restitution material, case law is taken into account – particularly that of the Supreme Restitution Commission from 1947 to 1954 in its role as the court of appeal for restitution proceedings. The books also contain excerpts from definitive decisions of the Restitution Commissions, the ordinary courts and the Constitutional and Administrative Courts.

Three volumes deal with the acute post-war housing shortage by examining the legislation on the reconstruction of bomb-damaged residential buildings. In this context the Apartment Ownership Act broke new legal ground, providing a basis for the previously legally unknown ownership structure of apartment ownership.