The National Fund presents Findbuch version 2.0

The renewed and updated Findbuch version 2.0 with a new design, additional functions and more content.

The improved full-text search function will make it easier than ever to search the Findbuch database. All of the address directories and official handbooks on public offices and institutions that are available online are can be viewed directly in the browser and be searched in full. The collection of digitized books on offer had been extended to include the Telephone Directory Vienna, May 1938 and Die Österreichischen Wiedergutmachungsgesetze (“The Austrian Reparations Legislation”), also known as Heller/Rauscher.

The Findbuch’s internet presence has been optically updated to fit with the corporate design developed for the National Fund and its Art Database, and the General Settlement Fund and the Cemeteries Fund. The mobile view has also been optimized so that the Findbuch can be used on all mobile devices.

The improved full-text search function and the ability to filter by archive and file type have replaced the former advanced search. The results list has a new design and now provides more detailed information on the records turned out by the search. If a search provides over a thousand hits, the first 1,000 will be sorted and displayed according to relevance.

The detailed view of the search results is presented more clearly and records can be added to your favorites directly from the results list or from the detailed view. There is also the new option of adding annotations to your saved records. The favorites list can now be exported into an excel spreadsheet. These new features are intended to facilitate your research in the Findbuch and your work with the database and the files. Any favorites that have been saved previously can still be accessed on the new Findbuch website.

A detailed search help has been created for the updated search function, which can be accessed from the menu under “service” or adjacent to the “search” button.

The address directories and official handbooks on public offices and institutions can now be found under the menu item “books”. This is also where you can find the eleven-volume book series Die Österreichischen Wiedergutmachungsgesetze that has been digitized in partnership with the Parliamentary Library and Manz publishers. This series is an annotated documentation of the seven restitution and three restoration acts that were enacted between 1946 and 1954. The books are displayed in a viewer that opens in your browser and can be searched using Google Custom Search.

You can edit your login details and your favorites, sign up for or cancel the Findbuch newsletter or delete your account under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union under the menu item “My Findbuch” (found under “My account”).