Cooperation with Compass Publishers brings Central Register to Findbuch User

Thanks to a cooperation with Compass Publishers Limited registered Findbuch users can search the Zentralblatt für die Eintragungen in das österreichische Handelsregister ("Central register for entries in the Austrian Commercial Register") between 1933 and 1955 free of charge.

The Central Register contains detailed information on businesses and individuals for the period between 1933 and 1955 and allows users to find information on the establishment of companies, appointments of CEOs, the granting of powers of representation, legal changes to companies under commercial law, bankruptcy and judicial composition proceedings and corporate liquidations as well as on legal changes following deaths.

The period 1933–1955 covers the major economic and social changes before, during and after the Nazi regime in Austria. The Nazi “seizure of power” in Germany in 1933 led to expulsions and waves of refugees escaping from German Reich territory resulting in the establishment of new businesses in Austria. Between 1938 and 1945, thousands of Jewish businesses were liquidated or "aryanized" as "Jewish" companies and the economy in Austria changed profoundly. With the restitution laws passed after the war, these changes were partially reversed, although by 1955 most of the proceedings under the Austrian Restitution Acts had been completed.

For research on persons and companies outside the period 1933-1955, the ZEDHIA archive offers digitized historical sources with the personal directories contained in the publication series "Der Compass" or the "Personen-Compass", which makes it possible to search for people beyond Austria in the countries of (the former) Austria-Hungary. This and other information on the economy, finance, public authorities etc. can be used on the basis of paid subscriptions by both private individuals and institutions.

To search the Central Register please log into the Findbuch, navigate to books and open the link to the ZEDHIA-portal.